Today I turned my wifi off

This afternoon I decided to turn my wifi off. I was awaiting some texts from several different people. I was waiting and I was starting to get into a sad mood because of it, which is my problem and not the problem of those people though. I want them to take as long as they need to text me back. After all, you never know how busy someone’s day might be or what they’re going through. Anyways, I’m getting off topic. My wifi has been off for a few hours now and it felt really freeing in some way. Let me explain why I think everyone should try this.

You see, we live in a world that constantly keeps going. Rest is barely a thing. We work, go to school, meet up with friends or strangers, travel, work out and once we get back home the world continues, the socializing continues, but then on our phones. We are connected to the world 24/7, it never stops. Do you ever really allow your mind to rest? When was the last time you just sat by the window with some good music on and a book in your hands? (Or without the book, in case you don’t like reading.) When was the last time you took care of your skin? When was the last time you took time to yourself, to relax from all the stress of life?

I think I can say that I have a lot of (close) online friendships. I got to know these people on Instagram. That itself is a long story, but not necessary to be told for this blog post. What I want to say about these friendships is that although they’re some of the strongest and best friendships I’ve ever had, the physical distance can make it very hard at times. You can’t just spontaneously stop by someone’s house. The only way you’re connected is through talking by texting and calling. But people don’t always feel like talking. Sometimes people just need their space for a bit, or at least that’s what I believe, what I’ve experienced. It’s something I’m all good with by the way. Sometimes people are busy and sometimes people just aren’t mentally doing the best. It’s fine though because it passes, tough times like that. But yes, sometimes it’s a struggle.

the smash book page I created today.

So sometimes when I’m awaiting texts from my internet friends, I have to wait for a longer time and those days are hard. I’ll give them all the time and space they need because I love them but I still miss them so much. I think today was one of those days, one of the harder ones. I would have gone to the movies to distract myself if I would have had the time for it, but I didn’t really, so I had to come up with something else. That’s when I decided it. I was just going to turn my wifi off for a few hours. I just needed a break from constantly checking when people were last online, from scrolling endlessly through my Instagram feed. I was gonna take some off-screen time by working on my smash book (some sort of scrapbook) while listening to some good music. After I did that, I decided to put on a face mask and finally start taking good care of my skin. I had dinner after that and while I’m writing this blog post at 7:30 pm, my wifi is still turned off. I’ll probably turn it back on once I’m finished with writing this, but for now, I still need this peace for my mind.

Now what I’ve been trying to say with this blog post is how important it is to sometimes just take some time to yourself. It has felt so freeing for me to turn my wifi off for just a few hours, truly so freeing. It has felt so good to take a step back and to do some things to relax my mind and body. I highly recommend anyone to do that too. Don’t overwork, don’t do more socializing than you can handle. Take some rest, some time to yourself. It will do you good.

With love, Mag

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