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What it means to be ‘An Adventurer At Heart’

Hi there! Welcome to my new blog. My name is Margriet, but in English, I like to call myself Mag. This blog called ‘An Adventurer At Heart’ and it’s all about daring to be different. This blog is going to be one with a deep message. One that is going to make things completely different. That is going to look at life from a different perspective. Will you dare to be different?

I have been blogging for years about such a varied range of topics like fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, crafts, and wisdom. But I never really had this one thing my blog stood for, that made my blog stand out from other blogs. I just had another random blog on the big world wide web. I loved blogging because of my big love for writing and being able to express my creativity in my blogposts.

In 2019 I made some amazing friends on Instagram. These are such amazing, deep friendships like I’ve never had before. And these friends made me realize something. Just because what you’re working towards to and the way you’re doing it is very different from what’s normal, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You gotta find your own way, the way that works for you. And the way that works for someone else might absolutely not work for you, but that’s totally fine. There is not one right way, there are many different ways.

I’ve always been someone who cared less about what other people thought of me. I often didn’t feel the need to be part of the crowd. I just liked doing whatever I wanted to do. And I just didn’t care much about other people’s judgments and opinions, and honestly, that hasn’t changed. And I have to admit, I used to be shyer. I didn’t always come out for what I actually stood for. I regret that, but I’ve grown a lot. I didn’t and I still don’t really prefer being the center of attention, but I now dare to say what I stand for out loud a lot more. I already dared it a bit, but now nothing is holding me back anymore.

It’s been scientifically proven that people take over each others attitude, the things they do. Group behavior, it’s called. For many people fitting in is very important in order to live a comfortable and happy life with as little trouble as possible.

When you dare to be different. You get out of that comfort zone. People might not like it because it goes against what feels natural for people. People often don’t like it when things are changing. Change is seen as a scary and risky thing after all. But it’s those who’ve dared to be different who changed the world. When you dare to be different, your whole perspective on life changes because nothing is impossible anymore. Your choices do not depend on other people’s opinions anymore. You are free. Free from any judgment and any limits. It allows you to think out of all the boxes you were ever put into.

To dare to go on this adventure in life in which you follow your heart instead of the crowd.

I know that it’s not as easy for everyone to dare to be different. To be ‘An Adventurer At Heart’. To dare to go on this adventure in life in which you follow your heart instead of the crowd. But you should know that it’ never going to be easy to be different. It’s a challenge. But it is a challenge that is really worth it. That is going to lead you to some beautiful places in life.

I have so many ideas for blogposts on this blog in which I’m hoping to spread the message about daring to be different and following your heart. I’m so excited about the unique content I am planning on creating. There’s also going to be interviews with people and guest blogposts because on this blog I also want to give a voice to other people. To show other beautiful, talented human beings who also dare to be different.

A new post will be up every Friday from now on. And I might even do an extra post in some weeks whenever I feel like sharing something.

Thank you for reading till here and I’ll speak to you soon again.

With love, Mag

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