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Today I turned my wifi off

This afternoon I decided to turn my wifi off. I was awaiting some texts from several different people. I was waiting and I was starting to get into a sad mood because of it, which is my problem and not the problem of those people though. I want them to take as long as they need to text me back. After all, you never know how busy someone’s day might be or…

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Personal Travel Wisdom

What it means to be ‘An Adventurer At Heart’

Hi there! Welcome to my new blog. My name is Margriet, but in English, I like to call myself Mag. This blog called ‘An Adventurer At Heart’ and it’s all about daring to be different. This blog is going to be one with a deep message. One that is going to make things completely different. That is going to look at life from a different perspective. Will you dare to be different?…

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