About Me

My name is Margriet but in English I like to be called Mag. I was born on the 18th of September in the year 2000 in a small town in the center of the Netherlands. I grew up in a loving home with my amazing family and I had a very happy childhood.

I have always been good with language and I’ve always had a big love for words. When I was a kid, I would go to the library to borrow new books every single week. There’s a reason why people called me a bookworm. My love for words and writing grew a lot during my teen years especially.

Besides my love for words, I’ve also always been a very creative soul. I just absolutely love coming up with many new creative ideas. It’s something that I really enjoy doing. This combined with my love for words and writing made me start my first blog around six years ago. I’ve had several different blogs since then and I’ve never felt like quitting blogging. It’s just something I genuinely enjoy doing so much.

I decided to follow my passion, which is writing, and I started studying journalism because of it. I am currently in my second year and I haven’t had any regrets about making this decision ever since.

Besides blogging, I also like writing stories and poetry. But I definitely do have more hobbies besides writing. First of all, I love singing. It’s really something I want to do more with in the future, but for now, I’ll stick with covering songs and posting them on my YouTube channel. Then I also love traveling, reading, having hours-long conversations with my friends, (thrift) shopping and listening to music (especially to my favorite band BTS).